Shown here is Steve Smith with his brother Sean Smith and Their Grandfather. All three are veterans of the wars in Germany, Iraq and Afganistan and we are proud to call them our freinds. Steve was made one of the owners of Alpha foundation Repair in 2008 after working with us for a number of years prior and serving his tour overseas. He is extremely knowledgable of the industry and is constantly working hard to make Alpha Foundation Repair continue to shine as the premier foundation company in dallas.

Antoine Byrd has been working with us since 2004 and was made partner in 2008 after steering our office into the technologic age. He is the mast on our sail ship and He is the man that you will hear on the other end of the phone should you call us. It should also be mentioned here that he is genuinely the nicest guy you will ever meet!  (picture is of a really cool moth i found in my backyard until antoine gives me his pic)

Michael Phillip Kastrounis is the oldest son of the founder of Alpha Foundation Repair Mike Sr. He has been with Alpha since he was a teenager less his time playing college basketball in florida. He has been a leader and an innovator and has helped grow and shape this company into what it is today. (mike gets to be a cow unti i get his pic)

Justin Kastrounis is the youngest son of the Kastrounis clan at 36 years old. He has been working with Alpha since he was 15 years old and brings a wealth of experience to every job he encounters.

(until i get justins pic here is a picture of an awesome sandwich because justin loves food)

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