Whether you have a pier and beam, slab or anything in between we can fix it!

Site Drainage Correction:

Site drainage is one of the most important parts of your homes performance and whether its french drains, sump pumps, graded swales or decorative channel drains we can help achieve a properly drained property that suits your needs and budget.

Crawlspace Ventilation:

Pier and beam homes require adequate ventilation under the crawlspace to minimize stagnant air that may cause mold or dry rot conditions and should alwasy be maintained. We can asssist you in making your crawlspace breathe properly to combat these problems before they arise.

Wood Repairs:

The wooden substructure of pier and beam homes can experience rotten, cracked, sagging, twisted, molded or broken wood members that when in need of attention can cause harm to your investment. Our highly skilled crew has experience from 5yrs-25yrs in the industry and almost all of those years with our company. Our extensive experience with historic homes throughout Oak Cliff, Highland Park and East Dallas to name a few really sets us apart as one of the premier foundation repair companies in the industry.

Drilled piers:

Our company installs a 12" diameter drilled shaft steel reinforced poured concrete pier system. These style of piers are the preferred method of most professional structural engineers and are what all houses should be built with. The only reason houses are not built with piers are because someone wanted to save some money. The answer is not to install a cheap pressed piling or a fancy "patented" style pier system...the answer is to fix it the way it should have been built not find the next cheapest solution. 

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